The Incredibles: Pixar's way of telling the House of Mouse that they are stupid.

The people behind the making of Pixar's latest CG fest are without a
doubt the most talented artists in the film industry today. Bar none.

I watched this great film and all I could wish for is to be ten years
old again to play with the all the cool toys that are coming out of
this masterpiece. Every detail, from the story to the design of the
film is meticulously crafted in a visual cacophony of colors, bytes
and charm.

The story of a world in which superheroes everywhere are banned from
helping people by a rash of frivolous law suits and forced to hide is
a relevant satire of our legal system. The character of an obsesed fan
who will not accept rejection is equally relevant even to the point of
how far the loneliest and more socially inept people in the world can
go when left unchecked.

Mr. Incredible is the guy who LOVES being a hero inasmuch fo the glory
and accolades it brings him as for his sincere caring for the people
he helps, that is the only thing that makes him happy, to help and
save people. He loves his job so much that he almost neglects his
family and in the process learns how important they are to him and how
he has shaped who they are. If Mr. Incredible is the shaper of his
family, Mrs. Incredible is both the mold and the glue that holds it
together. She is perky and snappy in a very cleverly developed way.
The children are personifications of their powers and Pixar has done
such a good job that I wouldn't want to spoil your fun of discovering
all the nuances of this film.

The movie sometimes feels very much like the Fantastic Four, but it is
so good and well developed that it stands on its own.

Although I have focused much of this blog entry on character and story
development, I have to say that the action in this movie is like
nothing you have ever seen before. Frozone is cool in temperature and
it is a great character injected with the sense of humor and passion
of the coolest cat in Hollywood today, Sam Jackson.

So go watch it a bunch of times and wait for Pixar's next and last
Disney release "Cars."
I can only imagine how many cool movies Pixar will make without the
Disney censorship machine on it's back.