Knowing what you want

Never underestimate your ability to dream. Dreams lead to the setting of goals. Goals give the journey of life purpose. So what do you do when you have lost the ability to dream? When you have given up? When you find that the path chosen is but a de-tour, and you forget where you were supposed to -- or wanted to go in the first place. It is easy to find one-self hopeless. Lacking the necessary life skills to cope, one even forgets why and how to dream. The world is seen through pinholes covered by anger and cynicism; hopelessness festers. We even consider "options" which are not options at all. You see, you develop a "kink in your think" and the irrational begins to make sense. You give importance to things that merit none. You even forget, or neglect to see what really matters to you.

Some of us are fortunate that along the way, we meet people who see that you are lost and they point out that your solitude is a mirage. Although they don't know where you were going, they intervene and give you a chance to re-group and figure out where your path truly lies. Some of us are lucky.

I am very lucky.

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