Doomed: A movie remotely based on iD's software DOOM.

Doom is a yet another failed attempt to adapt a successful video game
to the film medium. When Doom (the game) first came out several years ago, it was
the first of very few shareware I actually felt was worth buying.
Playing doom induced horrible nightmares that failed to deter me from
playing it. I even came close to a fist fight with a roommate that
thought it'd be funny to come roaring into my room while I was playing
one of those levels where the room was pitch dark and echoing with
distant roars and moans from the undead and the dammed.
The people who made this half-assed idea of a movie removed everything from the Doom story that made the game scary as hell. No demons, no flame throwing imps, no hell-barons or hell-knights and no cacodemons. The one thing they got right was the look of the pinky demon and the look of what should have been an Imp and
not a mutated human. Judeo-christian mythology is a large part of what made doom
scary. It played on our deepest religious fears and made the player
experience what hell and its demon's could be like. One of the
elements of the game that made it so effectively frightening was the
sense of hopelessness it induced. The game playing experience is one against the
world. The movie could have been so much more effective if at least
that element was adapted, rather than a team of thespian-challenged nimrods. It is clear that the greed of the studios will never allow anyone to faithfully adapt source material from games or anything else for that matter.

Hollywood should stay out of the movie/game business and stick the Disney happy ending brainless drab they are so good at making, just have everyone follow George Lucas' lead. Make great franchises mediocre and generic.

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