Bebe: Pa'fuera telarañas

Pa'fuera telarañas
I was introduced to Bebe's music by my sister after she watched her win 5 Latin Grammys this year (that's each and every grammy she was nominated for.) She went out and bought her CD "Pa'Fuera Telarañas" (Cobwebs be-gone!)
The short version of this post is that I am in gaga in love with Bebe's music.
Bebe's voice is a mixture of childish innocense and brainy sexpot. Her use of diminutives emote a tenderness that I have never felt from any other artist. Her lyrics and melodies are a delicious blend of passion, ska, rock, flamenco and girl power. You must listen to this chick, even if you don't speak spanish, I guarantee you will fall in love with Bebe.
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