Ubuntu Jaunty: Gmail as default mailto: handler

First, make Firefox 3 use Gmail for sending page links (right click Send Link) and handling mailto: links.
  1. Open Firefox
  2. Click Edit/Preferences
  3. Click Applications
  4. Find mailto: and change to "Use Gmail"
Now make Ubuntu Jaunty (Nautilus really) use Firefox to handle email.
  1. On your desktop toolbar, click System/Preferences/Preferred Applications
  2. On the "Internet" tab, Mail Reader, change to Custom
  3. In the "Command" box type: firefox %s
  4. Click close to save your new settings.
Test it by sending your self an attachment from nautilus.
  1. Right click on any file and click "Send to..."
  2. Change Send as: to "Email (Evolution)"
  3. Put email address in the Send to box.
  4. Click Send.

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