Yves Lavigne: Death Facilitator

The first death in the Octagon will occur under Yves Lavigne's watch, unless he is fired immediately. This is not the first time this sorry excuse for a referee allows a submission or a beating go on too long. MMA in the UFC is not "professional" wrestling - if the you lift a fighter's hand once during a submission and it goes limp, the fighter is out. There's is no need to confirm it. Just looking at his face it was obvious that Davis was out. This is also not the first time he allows Davis' opponent to beat the snot out of him, even if the last time Marcus benfited from it. There have been fighters (Matt Brown) that have lifted their hands in desperation seeing their opponent suffer unnecessarily. Lavigne is at best incompetent and unfit to referee any MMA fight and at worst he is a cruel sadist.

Unless something is done immediately, Yves Lavigne is going to be the cause of MMA's downfall, and worst yet, he will be responsible for the death of a human being.

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