The First Post Is Always The Dumbest.

Alright, I've finally done it. I am going to start writing some of my thoughts for the world to see. Maybe my words will help many. I know that affecting the masses is a lofty goal, but why not dream big? Isn't it by dreaming big and with idealism that the world is changed?
While I would not dare compare myself to the greatest thinkers in history or the present, I have a unique view of the world. I am sure that at times, readers may cringe, laugh, be inspired or demotivated by the things I say. It is even possible that I may change someone's mind or confirm their beliefs.

If can change just one person's ideals, in any direction... I'd have accomplished my goal:
To be the drop that starts the ripples in a pond, or the flatulence that disperses a crowd.