Bush Term 2: 4 More Years of "I told you so!!!"

I saw a news byte today about a Georgia reservist who was been ordered to report to base and he is sueing against the order. He served for 4 years and another 4 years as reservist and fought in the first Gulf War AND was honorably discharged 14 years ago!!!
I don't know about you, but stories like that make me...wait a minute... is it me or is it getting a bit DRAFTy in the US now?

I have been waiting until today to express how I felt about this idiot back in the White House. I am not sure what to think... I saw Karl Rove on TV today, and I wondered what or how Dubya would do without him and Chaney, maybe Daddy would have to step in and slap him accross the face and yell "Pull it together man!!! You are a Bush!!!" on second thought, I think that's what Mommy Babba would do. I can see Jeb trying to figure out ways to change his name, he should just go ahead and come out of the closet as democrat, come'on Jebbie we know you're a liberal at heart, I mean you married one of the brown people already.

I hear tell Mommie Babba REALLY likes her.