Al Franken is an annoying asshole.

That's what you'll hear most Republicans, conservatives and even some democrats say about the actor / comedian / author / talkshow host. I have read only one of his books, the hilariously titled: "Lies and the lying liars who tell them: A fair and balanced look at the right." I do listen to his show when I have the time. I have been trying to intellectualize the real reason he is so viscerally hated by his detractors, and (I think) that I have found the reasons why: Al Franken does not fear those he mocks. More over he does not fear calling them on their lies and shove the evidence in their face. That, in my book, is the definition of a bonified and unapologetic annoying asshole. It is not enough that he calls liars liars, he rubs the evidence of their lies in their face, leaving them no room to defend themselves, what I call an intellectual check mate. No one likes to tip their King in defeat and that makes it even more enjoyable for the evil Mr. Franken. Evil because if left to their own devices, conservatives would label him a heretic and have him burned at the stake, literally.
It is quite clear that conservatives do not have the advantage of an honest to truth dissenting voice, and that if they did such voice would be crushed faster than a Bill O'Reilly guest who disagreed with him. And speaking of Bill O'Reilly, I am convinced that he is as willing to lie to his listeners as Franken is to call Bill on those lies. It's too bad that O'Reilly lacks the moral and intellectual cojones to civilly debate Al Franken. One the most entertaining television programs I have ever seen was a panel in which Al, Bill and Molly Ivins participated in to sell their book at a publishers gathering on CSPAN. The WWF should take pointers from the tension generated by Al and Bill on that panel. Al re-called that Bill O'Rilley continually claimed to have won two Peabody awards while on the show "Inside Edition." Al called the Peabody people and confirmed that it was not true. I have never seen anyone as angry on television as Bill O'Rilley was, I think that if he'd been armed Al would be dead and Bill would be in jail telling the other cons how Al "had it coming" and how he had not killed anyone since he was "in combat" of course the other inmates would just answer: "Those are not microphones in your hands, less talking more sucking." 
I like Al Franken and I like what he has done with his fame by calling the liars liars and the crooks crooks. However, I feel that he often goes a bit overboard and does not apply that critical eye to the democrats. I agree with nearly all that Al Franken says and I have yet heard anyone able to refute the well researched information he always puts forward.
Al please help clean the democratic party of the idiots they have, maybe then liberals will have a chance in 2008.  
PS: Katherine Lanpher has a very, very sexy voice. She is smart too.

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