How to stop terrorism: The $$$ solution.

So the terrorist have struck again. I am getting a little bit pissed at these fundamentalist assholes. However, I am sure that they have griavances which are not being advertised to the general public. This complaints may have been kept underwrap lest us, the public, may sympathize with the terrorists. This doesn't mean that I support nor condone their murderous jihad. There is no cause worth killing innocent people, but frankly our "leaders" tend to make some hard choices, like not publisising the terrorists' demands. So armed with what little information I have, I think this may be a way to chip away at the terrorists.

We take the Sopranos/Godfather approach.

Let us assume that <u>everyone</u> has a price. All the target goverments of these terrorists are rather wealthy, so I say that we offer an open ended reward for the head of these assholes. My plan would go something like this:

1. Find a cleric who leans to the extrimist views of Islam, offer him a bunch of money or give him some other incentive (like making sure his family is safe) to work for us.
2. Through word of mouth (urban myth,) spread information of who or how to contact someone  for the reward.
3. You are Ahmed Q. Public and you are approached to heed the call of Allah and join the martir brigade. You agree to do it, but you contact that urban myth reward giving place.
4. You're instructed to contact the cleric or someone the cleric has enlisted to help them.
5. The cleric or his proxy, tells gives you some form of signaling device ( i know this is a bit far fetched but I think the technology is available ) and you are to activate the second you are sent to fulfill your suicide mission. You also memorize the face of the asshole who called on you.
6. We find said asshole and coerce through $$$ or pain as much info as possible on his terrorist cell, we then work our way up the food chain.

Of course a task force must be setup to handle the logistics of this operation and give them the funding necessary to see it through.

I think that the house of Saud has something to do with all this, and I am sure that there are other states that sponsor terrorism, I don't know if war is the answer to stop them, but  western societies are far more ruthless than any other society in the history of this world, I am sure we can find a way to make it happen.

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