Movie Review: Hoodwinked

I have not laughed this hard since I had my impacted wisdom teeth removed without anesthesia.

Hoodwinked is a perfect example of a great concept poorly realized. In fact, the movie looks so bad that the only character that seemed to move "naturally" was the wolf's assistant; a hyperactive squirrel. It would be worthwhile to take your blind friend or relative to "see" it since the story and dialog are passable, and the voice over actors (Anne Hathaway and specially Patrick Warburton) do a decent enough job.
The CGI in this crap are amateurish at best, I've seen better machinima and cut-scenes in the old Sierra games.
The premise of the movie is a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood from the perspective of all involved; The Wolfe, Grandma, The Woodsman and "Red." The versions of the story as told by each character, tie very nicely and leave no loose ends. The dialog between the characters is actually good. If the movie looked half as good as it was written, it could be actually as good as Shrek or any of the non-Pixar CGI features. This is how bad it looks... Jay Jay The Jet Plane is sophisticated in comparison.