Wednesday, February 21, 2007



Here you will find the items I find interesting on the web. Some will be software related, some photography and some just a complete waste of time.

I have found over time that keeping items like this in a blog helps me track things better. I can make pages about things I need to have links to, update them easy and access them from anywhere. I intend to try to be better about keeping this useful for me.. and if you find it helpful too, great.

My Job
I am a product manager for a fantastic product called InfoSpace Find It! You truly have to use this product to really understand how helpful it is.. you will think yeah yeah.. another yellow pages type product, not so! I encourage you if you have a phone that supports it, try it! It is hot!

My Hobby
Amateur Photography is great fun. I know almost nothing yet about taking great photos, but I am learning as I go. No pressure. As you can see, I do upload photos from time to time, sort of like a photoblog, just integrated into my normal site. Check out the Photoblog Category.