First Freedom First

First Freedom First

Established in the First Amendment to the United States
Constitution, religious liberty -- the right of individuals to worship
or not -- was and is a defining American value. Often referred to as
the "first freedom," this constitutionally guaranteed right is the
foundation for the separation of church and state. This separation
protects us from undue religious influence in government and undue
government intervention in religion and private decision-making. We
recognize that the wall separating government and religion is being
eroded, and so is our right to make personal decisions.

We invite you to join us! Be a part of First Freedom
First. Protect our religious liberty and separation of church and
state. Sign the petition and encourage others to join you. Together we
can send a powerful, resounding message -- safeguard the first freedom!

First Freedom First is a partnership of two
organizations -- The Interfaith Alliance Foundation and Americans
United for Separation of Church and State. Click on their logos below
to learn more about these organizations.

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