Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My New Tattoo

Designed by Yours Truly


  1. Beautiful. Great artwork, and great statement.

  2. I think I might like to make that my facebook picture on September 6th. Would that be OK?

  3. @Magiorius Sure, no problem. facebook.com/gargolito

  4. Well it is not without it's shortcomings since it perpetuates a classical misconception about the theory of evolution itself.

  5. @Hugo: I am assuming that by "classical misconception" you mean that the species don't really replace each other as the drawing suggests, but that they fork into new evolutionary lines - with antecedents remaining "behind" as new species.
    The ascent of man is a work of art that overly simplifies the darwinian tree and is probably partially to blame for the "we come from monkeys" argument.
    My design is a further simplification of the original art because the stick figures kinda remind me of a broken up darwinian tree. I actually traced the joints of each figure in that drawing. Primarily the reason was pain avoidance, survival of the wimpiest. I had no intention of enduring the pain required to etch each figure in detail.
    Please feel free to clarify your comment if I assumed wrong.

  6. This is quite glorious. Looks great as well. At some point I may get something similar, but right now I'm working hard on leveling up my Procrastination ability.


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